Whatever your component needs, whether it is grips, lights, chain guards, reflectors or rim tapes, HERRMANS® is the right source to contact. HERRMANS® strives to be a preferred supplier for all our component lines. We work close together with our customers to take into account Your needs, expertise and inputs to in combination with our know-how make sure the best solution is applied.  We firmly believe that both parties benefit from this partnership. Together with the straightforward business mentality you will always get the whole picture and no painted blue skies.


Tailored Solutions
HERRMANS® has been manufacturing bicycle components for 57 years. This has also produced a competent team of engineers that utilize their expertise in optics, electronics, material properties and bicycle design. We have our own industrial designer and our R&D team consists of engineers that are active bike riders also in their spare time. We work with the most up-to-date light simulation and design software’s. HERRMANS® has its own modern extensive state-of-the-art light laboratory. All these resources provide our company with unique working conditions and opportunities to test and develop products, not only to develop our own range of components, these engineering capabilities also enable HERRMANS® to develop unique customer tailored products. 


Increased Efficiency
Choosing HERRMANS® as your supplier is the best alternative if you want to play it safe. We will help you boost your efficiency. The fact that R&D and manufacturing are located at the same plant enhances levels of efficiency in terms of communication and development. As a European manufacturer we can offer shorter lead times and you need to keep a smaller stock. For our Asian clients we are keeping a stock of components in our Taichung and Shanghai warehouses for swift deliveries. The consistent level of quality ensures fewer stops in your production and fewer complaints/claims from your customers. If problems arise, we move swiftly. Flexibility and customer orientation have always been key words for our operations. 


Our testing facilities, know-how and vast experience as a manufacturer of plastic components guarantees a consistent level of quality. You will know what you are buying. HERRMANS® is also specialized in European homologations and safety regulations, so using our components also ensures you that you are fulfilling regulations. 

Management Systems
We utilize Six Sigma methodologies and are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We emphasize target-oriented operations with a clear strategy. Our quality management systems cover all key processes, monitor them to secure effectiveness, taking appropriate actions towards defects and continuously improving our operations, making sure the impact on the environment of the operations is as small as possible.

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