” It’s normal to check the specs of the equipment you are using, and that you’re going to use.

When confronting 3200 lumens with 180 lumens, first thought is that performances will point down, rather than up.


Suddenly, as the last street lamp has been left behind, it all changes. The eyes adapt to the illumination available, and the surprise takes over:

The light is there where it’s needed. Next to the front wheel, alongside the route, and out in the long beam. I fixed the light on the handlebar tight, but not completely tight. So that on trails I could illuminate a shorter distance, and on forest roads, just tilt the light few degrees up and see the path far in the distance.


Then I got my lesson: The shape of the light it’s much more important than its intensity. High intensity, concentrated in one spot, less than 90’ autonomy.

It’s the type of light I used for years. Now I finally know what really matters.


Thank you Herrmans for creating such a good product. So small in dimensions and nominal output, so big in its performance and clever in its engineering.”


- Marco

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