Finnish component manufacturer Herrmans Oy Ab will expand their bicycle component factory. The expansion will comprise a total of 1800m2, of which 1400m2 will be factory and 400m2 will extend the high ceiling warehouse. The enlargement will allow for a significant increase in the number of production lines.

- By dedicated work we have achieved significant sales growth, making us reach the limits of our current capacity, says Tom Nordström, CEO of Herrmans Oy Ab.

The buildings will be completed by the end of 2016 and the machine fleet expanded gradually. Within five years, when all production lines have been extended, the capacity will increase by approximately 50% with an estimated need for 25 additional people.

- The reason for the expansion is our five-year plan where we see further growth in all our bike component segments, but especially with the front and rear lights products, says Nordström.

HERRMANS® is the leading European manufacturer of grips, reflectors and rim tapes, with an increasing market share of bicycle lights and chain guards. The company provides components to the majority of bicycle factories in Europe.

- We have great confidence for the growth of cycling in general, both recreational and commuting. The growing popularity of e-bikes also opens up cycling to completely new segments, says Nordström.

The future success of European component manufacturing is based on the proximity to the European factories, allowing for swift deliveries and flexibility. We better understand the needs of our European clients, while the European type approvals of the products give customers peace-of-mind. Beyond Europe, HERRMANS® sees growth potential in various segments in North America and Asia. To be able to respond to the pricing from low-cost countries HERRMANS® has invested a lot in automation. In addition the company has a strong R&D department that designs its own products and utilizes modern tools, i.e. HERRMANS® own state-of-the-arts light laboratory.

Herrmans Oy Ab has been part of the bicycle industry for 57-years under the brand HERRMANS®. Under the brand NORDIC LIGHTS® they design and manufacture world class work lights and driving lights for heavy duty applications.

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