The third member of the H-Trace family, H-Trace Micro, was developed to meet a growing demand of minimalistic rear lights for e-bikes. This need raised the standard of the design as well, and therefore the H-Trace Micro has a unique and modern look. It also gets more common that bikes lack racks nowadays, and therefore we decided to create a rear light that easily can be attached on mudguards or fastened on the seat stay with a special designed bracket.

The H-Trace Micro is truly a tiny thing. The size of the reflector is only 34x25x27 mm, but it still has a wide 220° visibility, and is very functional and easy to use.

E-bike: 6-12V DC

Features: 220° visibility, to be attached on mudguards, or seatpost

Approvals reflector: EIA

Approvals light: German (StVZO), France (TP RBi), Denmark


About Herrmans

Herrmans is a European leader in bicycle components that also designs and manufactures world class heavy duty light under the brand Nordic Lights. Our 240 employees are located in our headquarters in Jakobstad, Finland, and in our subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, Taiwan and Brazil.